The Genesis of Aspis

8 Mar 2021 | News

Functionality at the service of aesthetics

Okay, a bag handmade in Italy with the best materials. But then?

An object that is the fruit of craftsmanship finds its meaning in being used, not in filling wardrobes. How to allow a bag to be used more? How to free it from waste?

So, we started designing a way to make the bag evolve over time, so as to make it more durable. Why not break the bag into elements that are interchangeable and replaceable?



To do this we have broken down Aspis into three elements that allow it to be adapted to any occasion, linked by a practical and intuitive application mechanism. It only takes a few seconds to completely transform it.

We wanted the real bag to be resistant and aesthetically neutral, like the canvas on which the painter then adds color. The soul that does not change, durable and with attention to the smallest details.



Then, we thought about colors, transformism, variety. The search for materials with which to make the panels has begun. Leather, fabrics, technical fibers. The possibilities are endless, the only limit is creativity.



The panels free the bag, make it usable on any occasion and, at the same time, protect it from wear, allowing it to last longer. The shoulder strap and removable straps allow you to modify Aspis’ aesthetics and functionality.

Aspis is the first of its kind, the forerunner of a new way of interpreting luxury.