Le mille e una borsa
Le mille
e una borsa
Le mille e una borsa 04
Lavorazione artigianale
Materie prime
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We believe that the accessories we choose to wear are a way of expressing ourselves.
Our moods change, the situations in which we find ourselves change.
Why can’t an accessory tell about these changes?
Why should a bag be “only one bag” or rather “one bag”?

This is why we design bags and accessories that you compose from time to time, to adapt it to every occasion without having to replace it.

Thanks to the replaceable panels and details, it allows you to create infinite variations and express your style. A transformational and versatile idea of luxury – one that focuses on people and creativity.

The principles of our work


Not just technological progress but a different way of seeing, thinking and doing things. Innovation for AR is aimed in a precise direction: a growing harmony and balance with what surrounds us. The functionality of design is at the service of aesthetics and the way of designing to develop innovative technical solutions that allow for the multiplication of aesthetic solutions.


Change your look, be suitable for any occasion, express your moods. Yes, but at what cost? Often our closets overflow with things we soon get tired of, or that we have no right occasion to wear. Other times, before leaving for a trip, you find yourself having to deal with little space in your suitcase. For this AR creates bags that are transformed so as to use them on any occasion and free up space in the suitcase and in the wardrobes.


For AR, luxury is about creating something in the best possible way, without compromising on quality. Luxury is excellence, the result of a tradition, of an experience handed down for centuries that has been refined from hand to hand. It is the choice to produce on the Riviera del Brenta where some of the best Made in Italy artisans in the sector work. Luxury is selecting raw materials that defy time, lasting a long time and always releasing new beauty.


AR chooses to work on small productions and on order to reduce waste as much as possible. At the center is the desire that every single object be an expression of respect for the environment and natural resources, for those who work with them with craftsmanship, for customers who are looking for the highest quality.