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Le mille e una borsa
and one bag
The thousand
Lavorazione artigianale
raw materials
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We believe that the accessories we choose to wear are a way of expressing ourselves.
Our moods change, the situations we live in change.
Why can’t an accessory narrate these changes?
Why should a bag be “just a bag” or rather, why should you own “just a bag”?

For this reason, we have designed a bag, that gives you the freedom to change its appearance. To adapt it to any occasion without having to replace it.

Thanks to the panels and the replaceable details it allows you to create infinite variations and express your style. A transformational and versatile idea of luxury – one that focuses on people and creativity.

Aspis bag: the first of its kind.

Aspis is the first object in which our vision becomes tangible.

The simple and minimal design embodies artisan knowledge, high quality leathers, innovative planning.

Handcrafted with care, Aspis is designed to last a lifetime, like everything, it changes over time.

The intuitive application system allows you to replace the panels and accessories to give free rein to your creativity and allow you to reinvent its look for any occasion.

Available in three formats, customizable in infinite variations.

The consultancy service on materials and finishes allows you to create unique panels on request.

Our values

Functionality at the service of aesthetics, this is the core value of our design. We create innovative technical solutions that allow you to have infinite aesthetic solutions.

Change your look to suit any occasion, be free to express how you feel. Yes, but at what cost? Often our closets overflow with things we soon get tired of, or that we have no right occasion to wear. This is why we created AR: to allow you to own a bag that can change its appearance, rather than owning multiple different ones.

Are you going on a trip and don’t know which bag to bring? There is little space in your suitcase? With AR, you can simply pack your favorite panels and with a single bag you will be ready for any occasion.

Our bags are designed and produced by hand in Italy by highly skilled craftsmen, heirs of the ancient tradition of the Brenta Riviera. We select high quality materials and finishes through which to create objects that last a long time while keeping their beauty intact.

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