Raw material protagonist: leather

24 May 2021 | News

The artisan work consists in enhancing the raw material. The better the raw material, the more the craftsman will be able to express their talent and wisdom.

The core concept of our company, transformation, is nothing more than a way to amplify the life span of a product.

The raw materials are selected on the basis of their quality which confers aesthetic value and resistance.


Aspis is made of leather and the first panel proposal includes 32 panels, 29 of which are in leather and 3 in fabric.

Leather is a secondary raw material, that is, a waste from the food industry. It is a material with unique characteristics, which has accompanied humanity since prehistoric times. Over the centuries, processing techniques have evolved to obtain a very wide variety of products.


In our work we seek a constant synthesis between tradition and innovation, resorting to technology when it allows to reduce waste, increase the durability of the product and obtain aesthetic results that replicate those skins (as in the case of exotic animals) that do not come from food industry.