Aspis: the artisan way as an antidote

18 Jan 2021 | News

With Aspis, our first proposal, we wanted to revive an authentic way of relating to the way of creating and consuming a product. An object that, also for the time of realization and the cost (often made on request), wants to establish a lasting relationship with those who buy it. The times of craftsmanship are an antidote to recover a human dimension in balance with the environment.



Aspis, then, is no longer an object of quick and immediate consumption but a project that reveals itself over time. A bag that becomes a life partner that will accompany its evolutions.



It is a process that takes time and takes a different perspective, less ephemeral and more authentic. But we believe we need a different way of thinking about what we consume, about the way we understand the resources and objects we consume. It is a matter of paying attention to one’s desires and needs, synchronizing them with the environment and the people who live there.



We believe in the craftsmanship dimension as a way to recover a healthier relationship with objects, a way of producing and consuming that is human and intrinsically sustainable. A philosophy of life that focuses on quality and care.

Aspis is the first of its kind, but we are already working on the next creations of our Laboratorio.